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Java for Internet Explorer

Java on Internet Explorer

So maybe you’ve heard the hype about Java. Maybe you’ve even seen it work. Microsoft Internet Explorer does Java like no other browser – with one of the fastest implementations and most complete integrations of Java available today. And with our Just-In-Time compiler, Java applets run faster than ever before. Programmers can even use scripting languages (such as VB Script and JScript) to link Java Applets to other ActiveX Controls, giving them more power and extended functionality.

Now that you’ve installed Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can view the many Java applets available on the Web. In fact, you’re looking at one right now! The coloured graphical design you’re seeing (called a Mandelbrot) is the result of mathematical calculations done in Java – sort of like a digital lava lamp!


The Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler is now part of Internet Explorer, and it can add significant performance improvements when running complex Java applets. As the Java Performance Report indicates, Microsoft’s JIT is the fastest on the market today. We don’t expect you to have problems with the JIT: however, if you do, you can turn it off. Switching it on and off is simple: simply click the View menu, and then click Options. Select the Advanced tab, and then check the Enable Java JIT Compiler box.

The final version of Internet Explorer includes Microsoft’s latest Java implementation. As well as significantly enhancing the speed and stability of the Just-In-Time compiler, so that you can run more applets faster, we’ve also added support for a new, open, backwards-compatible compression technology. This will mean that classes will download to your machine faster, and you can even have class libraries installed, so you don’t have to reload them every time! Read about this technology (called cabinets) and other Java-related development issues in the newly-made Java Information and Resources of the Site-Builder Workshop.

So what does all this mean for you? It means that you can do things with Java and Internet Explorer that nobody else can. And it means faster, more stable, and more functional Java support while you surf the Web. In fact, Pendragon Software’s Java Performance Test shows that Internet Explorer beats Opera and Netscape Navigator in nearly every category tested. But don’t just take our word for it.

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer today and see for yourself.