IE 6

Internet Explorer 6

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Date Released: August 27, 2001
File Size: 105 MB
Operation Systems: Windows NT/98/ME/2000/XP/2003
Last Updated: February 14, 2019
Internet Explorer 6 is the sixth update of IE, a web browser released by Microsoft for Windows operating systems. The browser was released shortly after the completion of Windows XP. This version has criticized for it’s critical security issues and lack of support for modern web protocols and standards. By the way Internet Explorer 6.0 makes it easier to get the most from the World Wide Web, whether you are searching for new information or browsing your favorite Web sites. New built-in IntelliSense technology can save you time completing routine Web tasks, such as automatically completing Web addresses and forms for you, and automatically detecting your network and connection status.
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser 6.0, which is bundled with the Outlook Express e-mail client, adds a number of new features you might enjoy. Among them are several toolbars: One helps with advanced Web searches, one allows you to send instant messages, another lets you store links to audio and video content, and yet another lets you save and print pictures you find on Web pages.
Internet Explorer is compatible with DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and Java, that designers are using to build Web pages. It has a preview feature and the ability to edit Web pages in Netscape, as well. Another worthy fix is the browser’s management of cookies: You can now find out where cookies are coming from and select options for accepting or rejecting them. The AutoComplete feature, which suggests possible matches as you fill out forms works almost to the point of annoyance.
Version 6.0 of Internet Explorer supports Platform for Privacy Preferences, or P3P, a standard intended to help boost user privacy (it is currently under development by the World Wide Web Consortium). This release of Internet Explorer also introduces Smart Tags, which enable your browser to recognize dynamic, real-time content on Web pages.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 is not supported and no longer available for download from Microsoft web site. However, you could find and download the final releases Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows below on this page.
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