IE 9

Internet Explorer 9

Date Released: March 14, 2011
File Size: 208 MB
Operation Systems: Windows Vista/2008/2008R2/Windows Phone 7.5
Last Updated: August 22, 2022
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is the ninth update of the popular browser from Microsoft. The Internet Explorer 9 supports CSS 3, ICC color profiles, and has updated JavaScript performance and security. It is the last of the three popular web browsers to implement support for SVG. In addition it supported hardware-accelerated text rendering via Direct Write, hardware-accelerated graphics rendering using via Direct2D, hardware-accelerated video rendering via Media Foundation, imaging support provided by Windows IC, and high fidelity printing powered by the XPS. Internet Explorer 9 also supports the HTML5 tags and the Web Open Font Format.
At Mobile World Congress, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer had made the case for Windows Phone 7, including the current version, an update released and with some application performance improvement, and a more significant update. Microsoft showed new demo — in this orientation — to illustrate the benefits of hardware acceleration in real world. The demo was super fast on Internet Explorer 9.0, but dragged on Safari on an iPhone. Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone, including hardware acceleration and support for the HTML 5 standard.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 is not supported anymore. However, you could find and download the final releases Internet Explorer 9.0 for Windows below on this page.