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The Internet Explorer Administration Kit

With the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), you can change our browser to match the look and needs of your organization. Plus, the IEAK provides an easy way to distribute pre-configured versions of the browser to end users or customers.

Make our browser yours. You can customize the look & feel, bundle Internet Explorer and add-in’s together for a single download, pre-configure user options for a hands-free install, and manage user setting on an ongoing basis.


A simple wizard guides corporate administrators or ICP/ISP distributors in creating self-installing versions of the Internet Explorer. The Wizard also enables the bundling of add-ons, like NetMeeting, with Internet Explorer for a single customized download. While ICP’s, ISP’s, and organizations can customize the browser’s look and feel, corporate customers can also pre-configure all of the user options. This means organizations can determine if users can download code, such as Java applets, scripting, or ActiveX controls, and, if so, at what level of security. Of course, once the options are configured, the administrator can remove the users ability to change these options and manage them on an ongoing basis from a central server.

This cross-platform solution supports the creation of master network installation files, floppy disk, and CD-ROM versions of Internet Explorer for Windows. Previous releases also supported Internet Explorer for the Apple Macintosh platform.