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IBM WebExplorer

Date Released: November 25, 1998
Version: 1.2
File Size: 1.43 MB
Developer: IBM
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: OS/2
Last Updated: March 04, 2021

IBM WebExplorer is an early, now discontinued, web browser designed at IBM for OS/2. Presented in 1994 with OS/2 , it was hailed as the best browser and leveraged its position as the only native browser in OS/2 at that time.


A new function is added to WebExplorer to define domains which do not require the use of a proxy server. This function helps to decrease the use of a proxy server for sites which do not require its use. This function is provided via the “No Proxy For” option (in the Configure/Servers panel).

Installation Note:
If you have installed 1.1f over a previously translated version of IBM WebExplorer, you should rename explore.dll so it will not be used. This is probably in your TCP/IP directory. You can find it easily by switching to your TCP/IP directory and then using the directory command specifying the subdirectory search. Then change to the directory where the file exists and rename it.