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Opera Browser Archive

Opera Browser – Old Versions

File Size: 1000 MB
Operation Systems: Windows, Android, iOS, UNIX, BeOS, Meego, OS2, QNX, Symbian, WeTab, WinMobile, and Linux
Last Updated: 01/09/2019

Tired of 100MB and more downloads, gigabytes of updates, sluggish performance, HTML standard violations, desktop domination, instability, the seductive word ‘free’, and a browser war that left you as the only casualty? Then welcome to Opera!

Small, fast, customizable, powerful but user-friendly, it takes the wait out of the Internet, reduces your online charges and does what the others tried in vain: it puts a big smile on your face. It also is – surprise, surprise well worth paying for. Okay, you need to pay for Opera – but the program soon pays for itself in the time you save. It wins the browser category because it works on older machines, and because it’s small, fast anduser-friendly. You can try it out for 30 days free and by that time you’ll be addicted to it. The many special features include: multiple windows — Opera retrieves multiple documents and graphics at the same time; a full keyboard interface; document scaling and zooming; and a simple and useable bookmarks manager. Purchase price: Free Editions or US$35.00 for earlier versions.  See: for more details.

Opera Browser Archive

Troll Tech AS, producer of the Qt cross platform application framework and Opera Software AS, producer of Opera, the fastest and most user friendly Internet browser, have announced a cooperative development effort to make Opera available on the increasingly popular Linux platform. This initiative between the two companies, Opera Software AS and Troll Tech AS, is taken to secure a rapid offering of the Opera web browser on the Linux platform.

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Opera’s Features

At a time when almost every software upgrade requires an often significant investment in new hardware, you will soon come to appreciate Opera, our refreshingly different Internet Client. Opera has a number of features that undoubtedly make it the Number One for the serious online computer user.

Features & Benefits:

Opera is powerful – If you use the web for work and not for entertainment, Opera is by far the best choice you can make. Why? Because you can:
– open multiple windows without running out of memory
– open documents in the background without destroying your search engine result listing
– redirect the output from one window to another
– toggle images online and per individual window
– toggle document and user settings
– add all open documents with just two clicks
– retrieve all documents in a hotlist folder with just two clicks
– navigate entirely with the keyboard — for more speed
– zoom in and out of the pages
– and a lot more…
Impressive, isn’t it? Have a good look at these features again, because you are likely to find them in one of the next versions of our competitors, who are desperately trying to match our really useful features.

Opera sticks to the HTML standard – It is becoming a nightmare for website developers to make their pages ‘best viewed’ with one of the big browsers. Using Opera, you know exactly that your pages are best viewed with any browser. You will soon use Opera as your standard reference browser to make sure that your pages are open to all, and not just to those with a specific browser. And above all, it saves you valuable time when developing your pages.

Sophisticated and speedy web browsing with News and simple Email – Although pretty simple, the mail and news features will be extended and enhanced in the near future. We will spin them off into separate modules, so that they don’t take up precious hard disk space when you don’t need them. This will then mean one small, fast, lean and mean program for all your needs. And if you are an advanced user with your own email and newsreader, Opera links to all of them!

Opera is secure – Opera features 128bit SSL encryption, version 2 and 3. As the first browser on the market, Opera also supports TLS 1.3. This means that you can do secure online ordering of goods and services, online banking without any additional security proxy software or modules, ensuring complete security for your online transactions.
Just make sure you do the same to your credit card when you visit a restaurant, bar or shop, where the risks of credit card fraud are much higher than on the Net.

Opera is extremely small and very fast – It also runs on older PCs; a 386SX with 6MB RAM is already sufficient. Do you know what that really means? The best possible protection of your computer investment. Not really a big issue when it’s just a home PC, but if you are in a corporation with hundreds and thousands of PCs, using Opera translates into saving millions on upgrade costs. And with the trend going towards a NetPC, Opera might be your lifesaver.

Opera is your product – Dozens of customer suggestions have found their way directly into Opera. We are very keen to get your input on Opera, because we are developing it for you, and no-one else. We have a questionnaire online, so if you’d like to tell us a few things, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Opera is ideal for disabled users – Using Opera as a disabled user means being able to access the Net quickly and efficiently. Only Opera makes it possible to navigate entirely with the keyboard, bringing joy and happiness to many thousands of visually or physically handicapped friends all over the world.

Opera is flexible – Whether you are a looking for an Internet browser or an Intranet client, an info kiosk, offline browser, Opera can be tailor-made to suit your company’s needs. You can develop your content in HTML, and publish it using Opera. Quick, cost-effective and reliable. And with all the benefits a full screen has compared to a fixed resolution!

Opera is customizable – If you don’t like the UI gadgetry, you can turn it off. If you don’t like cookies or referrer logging, frames or multimedia, or if it’s just Javascript, one click turns them off. If you’d like to customize the look and feel of your tool bar, no problem at all. If you can’t read a badly designed page, one click (or CTRL-G) enables your settings and overwrites the document settings. One click turns off graphics and one click zooms in or out. Customization pure, so that you can see the Internet the way YOU want and not the way the designer envisaged.

Opera is simple – Installation is a breeze and takes less than 30 seconds. It doesn’t eat up your hard disk space either.

But there is more:
Opera is written from scratch and is not based on the code of Mosaic or any other browser. Opera can run independently under Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/XP/7/8.1/10.
You can choose font type, color and other presentation parameters for headers (H1 – H6), normal and preformatted text, forms and newsgroups.
Opera has advanced link presentation: Choose color, 3D button, bold, underline, strikethrough, etc.
Opera lets you link to your favourite email client if you so wish.
Opera lets you save global and local home pages.
Opera lets you retrieve all elements of a hotlist (bookmarks) with one click.
Opera lets you add all active documents to a hotlist (bookmarks) with just one click.
Opera lets you retrieve documents in the background, without resizing/moving your current document window.

and much more…